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Underbridge Inspector

Our Underbridge Inspector allows us to work over water ways without disturbing the flow of the environment or causing delays by having to build a structure to allow us to get under the bridge.

  • The boom design enables access in single lanes with minimal disruption to traffic.
  • Rail gear to allow access on track.




Our Blast-Trac machine helps us to get rid of the additional debris in a more efficient manner before laying down our Waterproofing membrane.

  • Dustless shot blaster which contains all debris on horizontal surfaces.


Our Dustless Sandblaster helps reduce the debris from getting into the environment and still giving us the finished product we need.

  • Dustless sandblaster complies with 2018 OSHA requirements for concrete dust from blasting.
  • Maxwell kettle:
    • Waterproofing membrane.
    • Asphaltic plug joints.

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